Gross Indecency II - Marriage

Sexually open and adventurous couple based in Soho need your little swimmers to help add to our ambitious art project.


We're getting married next year but are determined to do it on our own terms - defying cosy conventions. To that effect we are working on an art project called Gross Indecency. We've had a duvet cover printed with life size image of ourselves. We're inviting 144 guys (144 = a gross) to come and either fuck us both (our favourite!) or we'll suck you till you're ready to squirt. What matters is that at the end your spunk ends up on the duvet. Because of the nature of this project we won't necessarily get hard or cum - but we'll make a damn good job of making sure you do! When complete the duvet will be hung in a gallery under a UV light to highlight the little deposits you guys have all made?


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