Bound - (You Felons On Trial)

Bound (You Felons On Trial) was created in response to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, a bill introduced to ban extreme forms of pornography. In an article published on the Index for Censorship website, lawyer John Lovatt, who advises on the Law and Sexuality, advised that 'There are many books it would be safer to mutilate or destroy altogether.' The idea of consenting adults burning books in their backyards to avoid an intrusive State was alarming to me. As a gay artist whose work is often sexual in nature and could be seen by some as of an obscene character as described under section 63 of the Act, I was reminded of a poem by Walt Whitman. Entitled You Felons on Trial, it asks Who am I too that I am not on trial or in prison?. Many classes of people, such as the BDSM community will be affected by this legislation. That’s why I chose to photograph a male nude in a BDSM act. The images are defaced but hidden inside them run lines from Whitman’s work, ending with the last line of the poem -  And henceforth I will not deny them  for how can I deny myself? 


© 2014 by J C Woodson